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My name is Robert Buerk. I’m a professional forex scalper.

I’m originally from Estonia, but now I live in US. I was an IT tech guy. I hated it. So I started to crawl the internet to find a better way to make money. Found forex and fell in love. But LOST money.

Sounds familiar? I busted my account 3 times. I tried all the shiny indicators and EAs that I could get my hands on. Got few losing trades and moved on to the next one. I was searching the holy grail. Let me tell you – there is no forex holy grail. 

Then I stumbled upon forex scalping strategy and somehow managed to start winning pips. Finally stopped hopping to the next strategy and started learning. Started to understand the forex market. Over the years I reduced the number of indicators. Now I usually don’t use any.

All I need is to read Price Action. You can download my FREE scalping strategy and learn it yourself. Now I keep a forex blog to learn scalping even further and hopefully you can find something useful from here too.

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Forex Scalping Enthusiasts